Reetu is also a Creative Movement Therapy Facilitator, a dancer/choreographer for over 30 years, and visiting faculty with Ashoka University and Ambedkar University. Her dance repertoire includes Indian classical & folk, Ugandan folk, and American Tribal Style belly dance. As a facilitator, she has primarily worked with transgender (hijra) and adolescent groups and is passionate about creating open and safe platforms for self-discovery, dialogue and expression, especially in areas related to gender and sexuality. Reetu was selected as an ADTA Talks’ speaker at the American Dance Therapy Association’s 50th Annual Conference and has represented India and the field of creative movement therapy at various forums, including the DaDaFest International Congress in the UK in 2016, the Ananta Centre (formerly Aspen Institute India) leadership conference on ending sexual violence in 2014, and the Harvard South Asia Institute “Gender Justice, Criminal Law, and Curricular Reforms” conference in 2013. Reetu is currently pursuing her PhD in Expressive Therapies at Lesley University, USA, with her research focus on exploring the role of the arts in sexual violence prevention with youth in India.

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